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Two finals done, two to go.  Sorry for being so scarce, lately.  I've been trying to keep up with my flist, but between getting assignments done and studying, I haven't been around as much as I'd like to be.  Well, soon enough it'll be summer break, and I'll have loads of time to waste on livejournal.

In an effort to make some progress on the Princess Tutu fanfic that has been in my head since October but refuses to be written, I'm going to re-watch the series.  As I do, I'll be taking notes/writing stupid commentary and posting it here.  It's really for my own benefit and it probably won't be particularly entertaining, so there's no need to read it unless you happen to feel like it.  I'm always open for discussion, though. 

Akt 1

You know, I'd forgotten how self-deprecating Ahiru could be.  Not that I'd had her down as the epitome of self-confidence, but she really doesn't seem to value herself much at all.  It really is about everybody else, for her.  Drosselmeyer picked the perfect Princess Tutu.

I like how Ahiru and Rue both have different dance outfits from the rest of their classes.  Ahiru's is meant to draw attention to the fact that she sucks the most, while Rue's shows her status as queen of the elitist bitch class. xD

I realize that Fakir is still playing the role of designated asshole at this point in the series, but it seems abnormal that he doesn't even seem to find it strange that Ahiru is caught in the door.  He just accepts it and keeps bitching at her.  I guess all those years of Mytho's antics have made it impossible to shake him up merely by displaying personal absurdity.


Fakir, doesn't it get exhausting to be so abusive and controlling all the time?

PANTS-LESS MYTHO FALLS OUT OF THE WINDOW, YES.  I think this is quite possibly the best way to learn that you are secretly a magical girl ever, in much the same way getting sucked down the toilet while receiving a swirly is the best way possible to get transported to the magical world you are the demon king of (thank you, Kyo Kara Maoh).

I do so love Ahiru unintentionally talking to Drosselmeyer, the character responding to the narrator.  Breaking the fourth wall without really breaking the fourth wall.  Does this call for a fifth wall?  It is interesting, though, that when Drosselmeyer asks Ahiru if she remembers who she is, the answer she gives is "Princess Tutu," not " a duck."  It's when Mytho asks her who she is that she gets confused.
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