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Akt 2

This show gets meta way earlier than I remembered.

Drosselmeyer actually asks Ahiru whether she'll agree to be in his story, if she thinks she can do it.  That seems ... odd.  Can he not bring people/ducks into the story without their agreement?  Maybe not.  Come to think of it, Drosselmeyer can't really control characters (well, except when he takes them into his clock/story/dead guy world and turns them into literal puppets), he's just very good at manipulating them and choosing the right kind of people for the right situations.  The only real storybook characters that you actually see in the PT timeline are Mytho, the Raven, and Edel.  Ahiru, Rue, and Fakir all get drawn into the story, but it's because they decide to get involved for Mytho's sake or, as in Rue's case, it's also because of the Raven.  In any case, Drosselmeyer can't seem to affect the characters' decisions directly.

A thought: Whether Ahiru is a duck, a girl, or Princess Tutu depends on her own actions.  She has a certain amount of control over her identity.  That could be an interesting idea to play with post-canon.

Hey, the first time Edel gives the accepting fate=happiness, fighting it=glory speech, it's to Ahiru.  I always think about it in conjunction with Fakir, but it really applies to all the main characters, even Drosselmeyer.

Hey, it looks like Mytho is reading Prinz und Rabe when Ahiru goes to talk to him.

Yeah, Fakir, you're totally one to call Mytho a jerk.

Rue and Ahiru's pas de duex, yay!

And Fakir claps.  xD  I always wonder why.

Akt 3

I think Ahiru's the only person on the main cast to regularly have normal reactions to things.  Odd, considering what a spaz she is.  Rue seems normal too, at first, but then you meet her alarmingly aloof and dark side.

Fakir's horse!

What the hell is that soup Ebine just served?

When did Ahiru learn the story of Hansel and Gretel, anyway?  Do ducks tell fairy tales?  Human fairy tales?  Are fairy tales universal in the PT-verse?

"It seems a heart that is too pure is an awfully heavy burden."  Thanks, Drosselmeyer.  

Akt 4

"Once upon a time, there was a sad love that would never be requited.  But that alone does not give birth to a story."


In Kinkan, even the ghosts dance.

It must really hurt to dance in those shoes, Rue.  She still looks pretty badass, though, at first.  I swear, only Rue and Fakir can make ballet badass.

Akt 5

Mytho's so emo.

Like with Rue, Ahiru can rise to the occasion when a good dancer helps her.

Fakir is the first character to compare Ahiru to a duck, I think.

Sometimes I think Ahiru has almost as much of a crush on Rue as on Mytho.

I wonder if the library here has empty rooms you can lock people in.

Aaand the scene from my icon.  Fakir, you controlling abusive jerk, get out of the way.  It is pretty impressive that Ahiru can throw him like that, though.  He's almost twice her size.

I wonder if the library here has a a system of tunnels underneath it.

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