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Akt 9

Edel gives Fakir the fate-glory-happiness speech.  Also: "The story is continuing.  The story is alive."

Aww, Rue and Ahiru talking about dancing en pointe.  And Ahiru declaring their friendship.

I love how Neko-sensei inadvertently causes the parallel epiphanies of Fakir and Rue.  xD

"Who is the heroine of this story?"

Mytho's feeling of devotion manifests as devotion to Rue.

Wrong time to jump through the window, Fakir.  Way to screw up Tutu's intervention with Kraehe.

Akt 10

Okay, so it's never really made sense to me why Fakir recognized Ahiru's pendant as Tutu's.  Except for being made of the same material, it doesn't look anything like it.  Oh, wait, I replayed the scene and noticed that it stays in the shape of Tutu's pendant for about two seconds.

"I do envy your innocence," he says, and then Ahiru blushes like mad when he pats her head.  I think in the subtitles, the translation is something along the lines of "it must be nice to be one untouched by sin."  Either way, I adore this scene.  When I was first watching the series, I think this was when I really had to sit up and take note of the possibility of Fakir/Ahiru as something serious. 

Neko-sensei's lectures on love begin, yay!

Fakir is looking for Tutu who is actually Duck who is now stalking Fakir so she can get back the piece of jewelry that allows her to become Tutu.  I love this show.

Mmm, Fakir in his boxers, minus shirt.

Aww, little Fakir.  He's just a kid who wants to be a knight. 

Considering how young Fakir is when he starts to develop his control-freak tendencies toward Mytho, it's really no wonder that he's so out-of-control by the time of the current story-line.

Oh, the look on Fakir's face when Karon hits him.  Not to mention Karon's expression, and Ahiru's reactions throughout.

Aaand the duck hug scene.  Excuse me while I watch it seven times in a row and wibble.  We have entered hardcore shipping territory.

Ahiru, even if there's a heart shard inside the house, you're still breaking and entering.

Akt 11

Fakir's angsty, brooding dance practice!  With sparkling sweat!  *gigglefit*

I like how, in the first real conversation Fakir and Ahiru have, they're standing halfway across the room from each other.  Ahiru starts to take a step forward when she asks Fakir to work with her, but stops when he rebuffs her.  Body language is fun.

Ebine's restaurant is crowded now.

Why do they not listen to the heart shard talking about crows?  I realize Mytho isn't very bright at this stage, but isn't listening kind of Tutu's specialty? 

"It's dangerous not knowing your place in the world."

Akt 12

We have reached the Fakiru episode of season one.  I probably won't say too much, as I'll be busy replaying scenes over and over and giggling like a shipping fiend.

Note: the bed Tutu put Fakir in is actually Mytho's.  The one she sleeps against (but not actually in?  Is she really so modest that she won't sleep in an empty bed just because it doesn't belong to her?  WTF, Tutu) is Fakir's.

It could just be that I'm being overly analytical (with Princess Tutu? Pff--hah!) and making things up, but when Tutu talks to Fakir, she sounds a little more like Ahiru.

Kraehe breaks the fourth wall so she can ask Drosselmeyer for favors.  She's just that badass.

When Fakir and Ahiru fall over the ledge, Ahiru flaps her arms like she's trying to fly.  xD

Oh, hey!  Fakir does laugh.  Sort of.  Right before he tells Ahiru about reading Prinz und Rabe to Mytho, he smiles and sort of snorts.  Not exactly a belly-laugh, but whatever.

Akt 13

"Don't do such a pointless thing.  Are you stupid?"  "What--stupid?"  Okay, I don't think I was imagining it.  Tutu does talk more like Ahiru when she talks to Fakir.

And she almost quacks when she thinks he's dead.

Luci Christian even makes Tutu's voice sound more like Ahiru's.  I can't remember if it was like this in the Japanese.

Oh, by the end she's acting more like Tutu.

Uh, I did notice other things about this episode.  I just wasn't moved to write about them.  This episode is mostly action, after all.

Akt 14

In Ahiru's dream, Mytho just sort of grabs her.  She looks so startled.

I'd forgotten that Mytho actually turns into Fakir in Ahiru's dream.

"You need to treat girls more nicely, Fakir," says Mytho.  And then Fakir's expression.  xD

Mytho starts being interesting!

Akt 15

"Promise to love only me and to hate everyone else."  Raven!Mytho is a really bad boyfriend.

And we finally, finally get to the point in the series where Tutu has to work against Mytho.

And Pique returns to the Fakir Faction.

Akt 16


"The story is progressing, deeply, quietly, in a place where little Duck can't see it."

I kind of wish there had been more conversations between Uzura and Fakir in the show.  Even without adding in Ahiru, their interactions are amazingly cracky and adorable.  And I would have loved to see Fakir telling her about Ahiru.  

"You need to do as I tell you."  Fakir, I know you're trying to protect Ahiru, but really.  Going into controlling boyfriend mode just doesn't work very well.

"... Hey ... are you angry with me because I kept it from you?"  "A little."

Akt 17


And Ahiru making the "I love you" mime at Fakir.

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