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More of my silly Princess Tutu notes.

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So, I started doing a marathon Princess Tutu rewatch late Friday night, and it occurs to me that I've reached the point I left off in taking notes on my last rewatch.  So, in the interest of finishing something for once in my life, notes recommence.  There will probably be more tomorrow (or later today, as the case may be), if only because I'm a bad student and really don't want to study for my Stats final. >>;;

Akts 20 and 21; Warnings: spoilers, bad jokes, stating the obvious, capslock )
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Now that I am no longer separated from my Princess Tutu DVDs, I'm picking back up with my rewatch of the series.

Warnings: spoilers, possible over analyzation, lame jokes, and a bit of capslock abuse.

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Two finals done, two to go.  Sorry for being so scarce, lately.  I've been trying to keep up with my flist, but between getting assignments done and studying, I haven't been around as much as I'd like to be.  Well, soon enough it'll be summer break, and I'll have loads of time to waste on livejournal.

In an effort to make some progress on the Princess Tutu fanfic that has been in my head since October but refuses to be written, I'm going to re-watch the series.  As I do, I'll be taking notes/writing stupid commentary and posting it here.  It's really for my own benefit and it probably won't be particularly entertaining, so there's no need to read it unless you happen to feel like it.  I'm always open for discussion, though. 

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