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So, I started doing a marathon Princess Tutu rewatch late Friday night, and it occurs to me that I've reached the point I left off in taking notes on my last rewatch.  So, in the interest of finishing something for once in my life, notes recommence.  There will probably be more tomorrow (or later today, as the case may be), if only because I'm a bad student and really don't want to study for my Stats final. >>;;

Akt 20

Raetsel episode!  Angst and flashbacks ahoy!

I think my favorite part of Karon and Raetsel's conversation is the simultaneous "w-whoa, she likes him, holy shit adult relationships" look Fakir and Ahiru get on their faces.  We only get a shot of it for a couple seconds, but it's kind of adorable.  It's like a reminder that they really are still just kids.

"The fight has begun.  The story is moving, whether I'm here or not."

And Ahiru bursts in on Fakir's angst to cheerfully accidentally remind him of his childhood trauma.  I nominate this as the most painful thirty seconds of the show.

In the fight against Mytho, Fakir doesn't unleash his sword until right before Mytho swings.

H-holy crap, guys.  XDDD  So, this is the first time I've watched this episode dubbed, and right after Fakir's "What can I do? ... That's right!" before he starts writing, Chris Pattinson follows up with, "I can write a letter to the president."  I just--*dies*  WHY DID NO ONE TELL ME OF THIS?  XDDDDDDD ... And how did it get left in?  o.O

Akt 21

"Brute force has no power in the face of words."

... I'd forgotten just how into telling Fakir what to do Autor gets.  He seems so thrilled by the prospect even before Fakir agrees to anything.  XD 

Fakir smirks and does an almost-sorta-kinda-not really laugh when Autor calls Ahiru and Uzura "unrelated" to Drosselmeyer.  Just for the record.

Neko-sensei notices something right before Rue hesitates to take Mytho's hand when they're dancing.


And Fakir is sprouting branches now.  Ahiru decides it would not be preferable to have a tree for a boyfriend, and brings out Tutu to do something about the situation.

Oh, hey.  When Fakir says he'll watch over everyone from ... his state of tree-nirvana ... there's a shot not only of Mytho but of Rue.  And none at all of Ahiru.  Huh.

And right after Fakir avoids becoming a tree, Mytho starts to take shape as a raven.  Transformation switch-off, what.
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