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More of my silly Princess Tutu notes.

Akt 22

Rue sure picked a prominent place to mope, up there on the roof.

Ahiru: Rue!
Rue: ... Tutu.

I think it’s when Ahiru decides that telling herself she can’t do anything to help Mytho is just running away, that we have our first really clear indication that she’s started to look at this as something to do for Mytho’s sake because she wants to help him, not because she wants him.

Rue doubts being a crow even before the story is turned back.

... The bookmen really are not masters of subtlety. XD

And we witness the blushing virgin that is Autor having what we can only assume is his first encounter with his libido. Fakir looks more distressed by the fact that the bookmen are the ones who have been tearing the endings out of books than by the fact that they intend to cut his hands off.

Akt 23

“After you’ve ripped out my heart, I want you to kiss it and dye your lips crimson with my blood.”

In Mytho’s last scene before he turns into a crow, he’s just laughing.

Awfully rude of Drosselmeyer, stopping Tutu to take a drink in the middle of her sentence.

“You’re a much different duck now than the one you once were, whose sole desire was for the Prince.”

And the name Fakir calls--the name she hears--is Ahiru.


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