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Akt 6

Ahiru falls out of the window.  xD

And only Ahiru can make tripping and falling down into an acrobatic feat.

Fakir needs to be shown in his boxers more often.  ... And you know who I'm fangirling when I come to that conclusion when the same scene also features Mytho  clothed in only a blanket.

I love the "WTF, I really suck, I don't know why she picked me to dance," "Yes, I agree" conversation between Ahiru and Neko-sensei so, so much.  xD

Ahhh, and Fakir and Ahiru's angry, contempt-ridden fail!pas de deux!  And the electric eel approves.  Clearly, he's a shipper.  

Fakir just walks away and lets Ahiru fall.  xD

Akt 7

Interesting: in her dream, Ahiru's girl self and duck self seem to be separate entities, though, admittedly, you don't actually see them together.

"I'm sorry for saying things and stuff."  xD  Was that in the Japanese?  I can't remember, but it's funny.

I think this is the first time Rue says she loves Mytho.

First there was the empty room in the library, now the shed by the river ....  How is it that Fakir has access to all these dark, sketchy-looking places in Kinkan?  Can you buy a pass for that kind of thing?  Is there a guidebook?  Does it come with Antagonist Association membership, maybe?


Akt 8

Yes, Rue, hiding things in your linens is exactly the way to make problems go away.  It worked with my Tamagotchi, so I'm sure it'll work with a heart shard.

FAKIR FINDS AHIRU IN HIS LOCKER, YEEES!  I always love his expression when he looks in ... and there's a duck. xD

*watches Fakir feed Ahiru and act all nice and cutesy*  *dies from adorableness overload*  Also, Chris Patton is absolutely slaying me.

"So I'm no longer able to stop Mytho with words."  Or physical violence.

And now catacombs.  Jeez, Fakir.  You really take your job as antagonist seriously.  You even changed costumes specifically to go have your sword ceremony.

Tutu's fan>Siegfried's sword

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